AP® = Advanced Pressure

Blog Post created by robin.aufses Partner on Mar 13, 2016

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The New York Times has an Op-Ed video up about AP®:


Op-Ed: Advanced Pressure


Kinda one-sided, wasn't it? And that girl who was talking about signing a contract not to drop an AP® course for any reason was a bit overwrought. I'd like to see that contract. More likely, they signed a contract saying they knew about the exam and were aware that they'd have to take it even though it costs $83.


I think a more interesting issue is the fact that college is easier than high school for these kids who take so many AP® courses. They won't be taking 5 or 6 hard classes--that meet every day--in college, at least the first year. I thought what one person said--the kids are preparing for the college application, not for college, was very true.


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