Create a New Idea

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The idea content type can help you innovate with your user base.  Ideas will have a score of support and the higher the score the more your user base wants the idea implemented.  In addition to the score, each idea can have a set stage that communicates back to the user base the current status of the idea.


Create a new idea


  1. Click Create > Idea from the top navigation or if you’re on a space, group or project select Idea from the actions menu
  2. Enter the title for your idea – the community will try to locate any similar ideas based on the subject you enter helping cut down duplications
  3. Enter the description of your idea
  4. Enter any additional field information if present (ideas can have custom fields set by administrators which can be either optional or required)
  5. Choose where you wish to publish the idea.  For maximum visibility the idea should be posted in a place that tailors to either ideas or ideas about the top in question
  6. Enter tags to enhance search’s ability to find your idea, thus making it more powerful
  7. In the advanced options you can elect to add authors to your idea if you’re working on it as a team
  8. Click the publish button to finalize the idea


The idea will start out with a base status (default = Active) and if you edit the idea the status can be changed.