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When needing to collaborate on a file that exists on your local machine you can upload the latest copy to the community and allow others to assist you with that document. An uploaded file is created locally, edited locally and the latest copy is uploaded to the community.  An uploaded file is used the same way as a collaborative document.


To upload a file:

  1. Click Create > Uploaded File.
  2. Click the link to select the file you wish to upload.  Note:  some browsers will display a Browse button instead.
  3. Enter a title for the file.  The default will be the full file name including the file extension.
  4. Type a description for the file.  This description can be used as an “abstract” area describing what the file is about.
  5. Choose a place for your uploaded doc to be posted.  This can be a place, restricted to just yourself or a select group of people or to the community.
  6. Add tags to help search find the file.
  7. Should you want to control accessibility, click on Advanced Options.
    • Restrict Authors – this option allows you to select other user(s) to help edit your file (upload new versions).
    • Require Approval before Publication – this option allows you to choose user(s) to approve your file before it’s published.  If multiple users are chosen then it will need approval from all before it will be published.
    • Restrict Comments – turn off comments to the file.
  8. Choose to either publish the file or save it as a draft.
  9. After it is published, common content types like Word, PowerPoint, Excel, PDF, image files, etc. will display a preview of the file, allowing users to read it without having to download the file.