Revision Checklist: For Research Papers

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The research paper is a common genre of academic writing, and you will undoubtedly tutor many in the writing center. To write an effective research paper, the writer will need to conduct research, interpret that research, and compose a paper that synthesizes both the writer’s and the experts’ view of the topic. Correct documentation of evidence is particularly important in research papers; writers may need help with selecting appropriate resources to substantiate their claims, with integrating information and quotations into their papers, and with citing sources within their papers and in their bibliographies.


  • If there is a title, is it informative and appropriate?
  • Is the thesis clear? Is the organization logical? If headings and subheadings are used, do they consistently follow an accepted format?
  • Are sentences varied in length and structure?
  • Are tone, voice, and diction consistent and appropriate?
  • Are transitions smooth from sentence to sentence, paragraph to paragraph, section to section?
  • Are credible sources and evidence used? Is the supporting material suitable and persuasive? Does it adequately support the thesis?
  • Are quotations and paraphrased and summarized passages properly introduced with a signal phrase?
  • Are visual materials—tables, figures, charts, maps, and the like—introduced before they appear in the text?
  • Are long quotations set off from the text?
  • Is proper credit given to sources throughout?
  • Does the paper consistently adhere to the style used (MLA, APA, Chicago, CSE, etc.) in format and in documentation, both within the text and at the end of the text?
  • Were the instructions for the assignment—length, number and kinds of resources, directions for title page or documentation—followed carefully?