Advanced Language & Literature Chapter 7 Lesson Plan

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Download a lesson plan to go with chapter 7 of Advanced Language and Literature, BFW's textbook for pre-AP*  and Honors grade 10 English courses. Written by Renee Shea, John Golden, and Lance Balla, Advanced Language & Literature will prepare your students for both AP* English Language and AP* English Literature.


Chapter 7 of Advanced Language and Literature is focused around the theme of Ethics, and encourages students to think about:

  • How do we tell "right" from "wrong"?
  • Can there be a universal understanding of what is "right" or "wrong"?
  • To what extent do age, culture, and other factors affect our ethical decisions?
  • When making ethical decisions, whose needs should be most important? The individual’s, other people’s, the larger society’s?
  • What causes us to cheat? Is cheating always wrong? Who gets to define "cheating"?


Use this in your classroom today, and discuss how the lesson has worked in the comments!