Self- Guided Course Tours: Exploration in Economics

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BFW Self-Guided Course Tours are designed with your schedule in mind - they're on-demand, self-paced, and provide you with everything you need to know to get started using BFW materials successfully in your classroom.

Each course contains short videos that review the AP® Exam (where applicable), the student edition, and teacher resources. The videos are all less than 3 minutes long, so they're easy to watch in-between classes, during prep, or whenever you need a refresher on your textbook program. At the end of the course, you'll receive a Program Guide to use as a reference of your materials, as well as a lesson planning guide to help you get started.

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Explorations in Economics Course Tour

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Knowing that general/introductory economics is often the only economics course many students will ever take, this esteemed author team endeavors to connect students to economics through the world around them. Explorations in Economics introduces high school students to the here-and-now of economic ideas and applications, involving the students in the active exploration of the economic principles that will drive their decision-making as consumers, workers, and citizens.

With every copy of Explorations in Economics, you will also receive a copy of Favorite Ways to Explore Economics absolutely free!  Favorite Ways to Explore Economics brings economics to life through structured experiments that students perform in groups and individually. Problem sets and active learning exercises are correlated to chapters and modules in Explorations in Economics to ensure your students have many opportunities to discover how relevant, engaging, and fun economics can be!


A flexible, modular organization makes pacing easier for you and reading more enjoyable for students.

A clean and open design allows students to quickly locate the important details on any given page.

Simple graphs and visuals are easy to read and interpret, making the book fun and appealing without being cluttered or condescending.

Engaging, conversational examples speak directly to students without speaking down to them.

Did You Get It? questions require students to pause and reflect before moving on to the next topic.

Economics in Action boxes show students how the concepts they’re learning apply in the real world.

Your Turn boxes offer students ways to apply their new-found knowledge.

People in Economics boxes shine a spotlight on a person who has contributed to the economic landscape (such as Adam Smith) or who provides an interesting viewpoint on the discipline (for example, Ellen Hughes-Cromwick, Chief Economist at Ford).

No other text includes such cutting edge coverage of emerging economics ideas (such as Behavioral Economics in Chapter 3).

Personal Finance is covered in a dedicated, easy-to-assign or easy-to-skip chapter.

The text is supported with outstanding print and media supplements developed by an experienced panel of high school econ teachers.