Self- Guided Course Tours: Statistics and Probability with Applications, 3rd Edition

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BFW Self-Guided Course Tours are designed with your schedule in mind - they're on-demand, self-paced, and provide you with everything you need to know to get started using BFW materials successfully in your classroom.

Each course contains short videos that review the AP Exam (where applicable), the student edition, and teacher resources. The videos are all less than 3 minutes long, so they're easy to watch in-between classes, during prep, or whenever you need a refresher on your textbook program. At the end of the course, you'll receive a Program Guide to use as a reference of your materials, as well as a lesson planning guide to help you get started.


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Statistics and Probability with Applications, Third Edition is the only introductory statistics text written by high school teachers for high school teachers and students. Daren Starnes, Josh Tabor, and the extended team of contributors bring their in-depth understanding of statistics and the challenges faced by high school students and teachers to the development of the text and its accompanying suite of print and interactive resources for learning and instruction.

A complete re-envisioning of the authors’ Statistics Through Applications, this new text covers the core content for the course in a series of brief, manageable lessons, making it easy for students and teachers to stay on pace. Throughout, new pedagogical tools and lively real-life examples help captivate students and prepare them to use statistics in college courses and in any career.



  • The ten chapters are divided into 71 easy-to-teach Lessons, making course management smoother and more intuitive.
  • Each Lesson includes 2-3 Learning Targets, with each Target supported 1:1 with a worked example and a set of practice exercises.
  • A Lesson App closes every lesson, bringing together the three lesson learning targets in a real-world setting.


  • STATS applied! opens and closes each chapter by introducing students to the types of researchers explore in fields like biology, public health, etc.
  • 212 Worked examples help students understand the problem-solving process. Each Worked Example includes "teacher talk" balloons highlighting important steps, plus an accompanying Example Video more more guidance.
  • Try it Problems mirror each worked example provide immediate reinforcement or direct students back to the appropriate model example when they are doing homework assignments.


  • Altogether, the practice sets in SPA include more than 1600 exercises in total.
  • Each Lesson ends with four helpful categories of paired exercises.
  • Chapter review exercises tie the lessons together. Each of these exercises has an accompanying solution video which reviews the problem step by step.
  • A comprehensive test concludes each chapter

Interactive Learning

  • High-interest activities built into each chapter let students explore concepts and techniques in class.
  • Tech Corners give brief directions about how to use TI-83/84 graphing calculators and the new statistical applets effectively.