Self-Guided Tour:  Krugman, Economics for the AP® Course, 3e

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BFW Self-Guided Course Tours are designed with your schedule in mind - they're on-demand, self-paced, and provide you with everything you need to know to get started using BFW materials successfully in your classroom.

Each course contains short videos that review the AP® Exam (where applicable), the student edition, and teacher resources. The videos are brief, so they're easy to watch in-between classes, during prep, or whenever you need a refresher on your textbook program.



Self Guided Tour 



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AP® Economics courses are hard. Krugman’s Economics for the AP® Course, third edition was created to help you solve the economic puzzle. Assembled by AP® experts and divided into short modules, the organization, language, and emphasis perfectly mirrors College Board’s curriculum framework. This dedication to the AP® courses keeps teachers and students on track to realize success on the AP® exams.





SaplingPlus is a new digital solution that combines LearningCurve adaptive quizzing with an integrated e-book, robust online homework, and access to all student and teacher resources in one accessible place.


  • The accessible, mobile-ready e-book is built to work on the device of choice. Countless resources and support tools are only a click away. The e-book can also be downloaded for use when internet access is not available.


  • Online homework helps students get better grades with targeted instructional feedback tailored to the individual. Student answers and other metrics, such as attempts taken, time spent on each question, etc. flow to the teacher.


  • LearningCurve Adaptive Quizzing is a popular and effective adaptive quizzing engine offering individualized question sets and feedback tailored to each student based on correct or incorrect responses. Questions are hyperlinked to relevant e-book content, encouraging students to read and use the resources at hand to enrich their understanding.


  • The extensive set of program resources allows easy access to all program resources.


NEW! Adventures in Economics Videos 
Co-Author Dave Anderson has created 25 short, entertaining videos that review the most important models and concepts in the AP® Economics courses. Referenced at the relevant point in the textbook, students are encouraged to watch the video and complete the companion worksheet to make sure they fully understand these fundamental concepts.

REVISED! Section Review Videos 
These section-ending videos help students bring the key concepts together. Emphasis is given to graphing, key economic models, and vocabulary.

INTEGRATED! Economics by Example   
Previously supplied in a separate textbook, Dave Anderson’s short, engaging stories explaining each section’s key concepts are now included in the text. Each section concludes with an engaging, narrative review of the main ideas. Critical Thinking questions encourage reflection and debate.

Hallmark Features

Expert AP® Author Team
Margaret Ray and David Anderson bring to the text a combined 40 years of experience with AP® Economics students and teachers.  Having graded thousands of AP® exams and worked with hundreds of AP® teachers, they bring a depth of understanding about how to bring economic understanding to high school students and to empower High School teachers.

Alignment to the AP® Topic Outline and Terminology
Because it closely aligns to the AP® exam course content and vocabulary, this book helps students learn the material and terminology necessary to succeed on the AP® exams.

AP® Organization—Flexible Modular Approach
This text is arranged in sections that correspond to the AP® topic outlines, with each section divided into four to seven modules. These short modules make for more manageable reading for students and easier pacing for teachers.

Effective Study Aids


  • Learning Objectives establish measurable goals for each module.
  • Modular Check Your Understand and Tackle the Test questions allow students to practice what they have learned with AP® style questions.


  • Section Review Material include detailed summaries of each module as well as page-referenced key terms and AP® style multiple-choice and free-response questions.

More Support for the AP® Exams

  • AP® Exam Tips in the margins throughout the text offer invaluable on-the-spot advice about key concepts and common pitfalls.
  • More extensive AP® Exam Practice is included in the Third Edition:


  • Each set of module-ending Tackle the Test: Preparing for the AP® Exam questions include 7 Multiple-Choice and two FRQS, the first of which includes a sample rubric.
  • Each section ends with an expanded set of AP® Exam Practice Questions - 25 MC questions and 3 FRQs.
  • Full length AP® Practice Exams at the end of the text, and two more in the Teacher's Resource Materials, help students simulate the exams and assess areas of understanding that may need more review.

Strive for a 5 study & prep guides (macro & micro) help students evaluate their understanding of the material covered in the textbook, reinforce key concepts, develop conceptual understanding and graphing skills, and prepare to succeed on the AP® Macroeconomics and Microeconomics Exam.