Self Guided Tour:  Starnes, The Practice of Statistics, 6e UPDATE

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The Practice of Statistics is the most trusted program for AP® Statistics because it provides teachers and students with everything they need to be successful in the statistics course and on the AP® Exam.  With the expert authorship of high school AP® Statistics veterans, Daren Starnes and Josh Tabor and their supporting team of AP® teacher/leaders, The UPDATED Practice of Statistics, Sixth Edition features a revised organization to match the new unit structure in the 2019-2020 Course Framework for AP® Statistic perfectly.

While developing this updated edition, the authors ensured that every College Board Learning Objective and Essential Knowledge statement in the 2019-2020 Course Framework is addressed fully.   In addition, all of the required skills --  selecting statistical methods, data analysis, using probability and simulation, and statistical argumentation -- are integrated in the student edition and are clearly identified in the Updated Teacher’s Edition to help teachers reinforce them at point of use.

The Updated Practice of Statistics program combines a data analysis approach with the power of technology, innovative pedagogy, and an extensive support program entirely refreshed to reflect the changes that will allow teachers to use the revised College Board organization and content seamlessly.  The Updated edition features an extensive set of resources including a robust online homework program, the extensively revised Test Bank, a comprehensive set of videos, and the Teacher’s Edition and Teacher’s Resource Materials, giving teachers and students everything they need to realize success on the exam and in the course.




Examples with paired “Try “Problems – At the heart of the TPS approach are the 175 worked examples, which are mapped to parallel exercises in the Section Exercises, to offer students both practice and support.  A backward/forwards navigation system ensures that students who start by trying to work exercises and only then go back to read the text content will land at the right spot and will get the guided help they need.  Each Example presents a detailed response in a “student font” to model a complete and well written solution.

Over 1600 Problems for Practice – Each of the 12 chapters is organized into 2-3 sections with 4-7 Learning  Targets in each.  Integrated throughout the text are Check Your Understanding exercises that offer “on the spot” practice for concepts and skills just learned. Each Section ends with comprehensive Section Exercises, including short answer, Multiple Choice, and  “review and recycle” problems, that ensures that key ideas learned earlier in the presentation are revisited as appropriate.  Every Chapter concludes with a through Chapter Review and summary, including a review table that identifies related examples and exercises for each Learning Target, a focused set of Chapter Review Exercises, and a Chapter AP® Statistics Practice Test with M/C and FRQ questions. 

Additional help is offered through the 350 worked Example and Exercise Videos, identified by the play button, that feature an experienced AP® Statistics walking step-by-step through each one to offer additional help and support when students need it most.  The can be accessed by clicking on the link  in the student e-Book or viewed at the open access Student Site.

Integrated AP® Support – Our authors know from experience that success on the AP® Exam comes from practicing every day- not just during a last minute review session.   In addition to strict adherence to the language, nomenclature, formulas and style of the new 2019-2020 AP® Exam,  many special features are incorporated:

  • AP® Exam Tips appear throughout the text to provide  in situ hints and guidance on how to study and prepare for the exam and avoid common mistakes.
  • Each Section ends with a comprehensive Section exercise set, including “review and recycle” problems that ensures that key ideas learned earlier in the presentation are revisited as appropriate.  Every Chapter concludes with a through Chapter Review and summary, including a review table that identifies related examples and exercises for each Learning Target, a focused set of Chapter Review Exercises, and a Chapter AP® Statistics Practice Test.
  • In addition, each chapter features a FRAPPY (Free Response AP® Problem, Yay!) activity that prepares students to answer the challenging FRQs, that comprise 50% of the score on the AP Exam.
  • Four Cumulative AP® Practice Tests are interspersed at logical breaks in the text and build in level of complexity culminating in a complete model exam to help prepare students for success on the 2019-2020 AP® Statistics Exam.

Technology Corners – provide detailed instructions, with screen captures, for creating graphs and performing the most important statistical analyses on the TI-84 graphing calculator.   TI-Nspire and  TI-89 instructions are available on the Student Site and in the digital platform.   In addition, a comprehensive set of Applets, available free to users, supports simulation and hands-on learning and are referenced at appropriate points in the text.