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When you register for the Classroom Compass, you’ll be able to download, comment, participate in discussion boards, and more! But why else should you join? Take a look here.


6. You’ll be able to reach out to authors of BFW materials instantly! Simply go to your subject’s community page, and click “submit a question.”


5. You’ll be up to date on the latest BFW events! BFW hosts webinars, workshops, and attends conferences around the country. Find out where we’ll be!


4. Preview new materials! As we continually improve upon our instructional materials, you’ll be able to see the latest exclusively on the Classroom Compass.


3. Download additional resources! Any new resources for our materials will be available as a free download on the Classroom Compass.


2. Find more resources from around the web -- whenever we find a great new resource, we’ll be posting it on the Classroom Compass, along with teaching strategies and more!

1. Collaborate with your colleagues! Check out our discussion boards today to work with your colleagues.

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