Balance, not Bias: Maintaining Civil Discourse in this Year's Election

Video created by nicole.desiato Employee on Sep 22, 2016

    Authors Renee Shea and Megan Pankiewicz proudly present Balance, not Bias: Maintaining Civil Discourse in this Year's Election, a seminar about the incorporating rhetorical analysis from the election into your AP® English Language and Composition classroom in Fall 2016.


    Renee and Megan offer specific strategies to use in the AP® Language classroom during the final weeks leading up to the presidential election. Along with the webinar PowerPoint participants will receive a classroom-ready instructional approach (e.g., graphic rganizer, analytical framework) for each of these strategies, developed to use individually or together:

    • Don’t take sides: objectively analyze the rhetoric of a candidate without indicating support or opposition to him/her
    • Roleplay: assume the persona of a pundit/analyst reporting on one of the presidential debates.
    • Explore social media: consider how social media fuels controversy and accusatory rhetoric
    • Shift the focus from the candidates to their surrogates: comparison/contrast of the convention speeches by Ivanka Trump and Chelsea Clinton
    • Evaluate approaches to advertising: examine the impact of ads that are anti-opponent vs. pro-candidate
    • Laugh a little: consider humorous, often satiric, commentaries (one print, one video)
    • Take a longer view: Consider election 2016 in larger, more philosophical terms than the candidates themselves with two recent articles