AP® Language Exam Prep with Renee Shea, Robin Aufses, Larry Scanlon, and Megan Pankiewicz

Video created by Classroom Compass Administrator on Apr 18, 2018

    Join Renee Shea, Robin Aufses, and Larry Scanlon as they talk about how to engage students in a series of activities designed to prepare your students for the AP® Language exam. Dive deeper with Megan Pankiewicz as she goes over how you can use accompanying teacher resources from The Language of Composition program to further gear up for the Exam.


    Learn more about The Language of Composition, Third Edition here.

    View the webinar PPT here.


    During the webinar, the authors will reference the following documents:

    1. The Language of Composition, Third Edition Teacher's Edition: Woolf Wraparound
    2. Lesson Pathway for Virginia Woolf
    3. Key Passage Handout for Woolf


    View the webinar videos:

    1. Author text talk
    2. Megan's Close Reading video