How to Teach Argumentation and Avoid Aggravation:  Helping students tackle the new argument essay  in AP® U.S. Government

Video created by Classroom Compass Administrator on Oct 18, 2018

    The new argumentation question on AP® U.S. Government & Politics exam can be intimidating for many of us. In this webinar, Karen will talk you through the format and scoring of the argumentation question, and then she will focus on strategies for helping students write a successful response.


    Prepare students for the AP® exam. Develop political scientists.

    Explore American Government: Stories of a Nation's integrated AP® Political Science Practices found throughout every chapter. These features prepare students to tackle the difficult questions they will face on the exam, while also guiding them to think and discern like political scientists. Your students can hone their skills with an abundance of questions in AP® multiple-choice and free-response formats.


    View Handout #1 - Task Verbs

    View Handout #2 - Sample Congress Question

    View Handout #3 - Sample Congress Response

    View Handout #4 - Sample Political Culture Question

    View Handout #5 - Political Culture Sample

    View Handout #6 - Template for Students